Send Trump a Message!

Folks! When you have a president who laughs at victims of sexual assault, puts children in cages, and calls Nazis "fine people" AND is cheered by millions of adorers, we have a societal breakdown of the first order.

The most immediate way to quash this nightmare is to make him pay a political price. If you are reading this at my website, I know you will likely VOTE BLUE. But, please, join me and WORK HARDER THAN EVER to make the midterms a titanic rebuke of this heinous man.

90% of the Republican Party will not challenge him. Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Lindsey Graham, et. al., who damned him during the 2016 campaign, have joined the cowards who cozy up to this pathological liar for short-term political gain.

You will see Trump's ads touting "America's Back!" Another con from the king of cons. Trump has added more than a TRILLION DOLLARS to our debt -- to bankroll a tax cut for the wealthy that will drive millions more into extreme poverty. He has taken full credit for the booming Obama economy.

He and the GOP have literally taken healthcare away from millions of hard-working Americans. Education Secretary Betsy Devos is undermining our public schools. The current EPA is allowing tons more mercury and sulfur dioxide into the air, with deadly results. Trump has abdicated our leadership role in NATO, pulled out of the Paris Climate Accords, ceded to Putin's hegemony, and emboldened dictators from the Philippines to Egypt. This withdrawal from our global responsibilities has given China a huge economic advantage.

Trump has insulted our allies, trampled our institutions and basic norms of governance, and brought America nothing but shame.

The number of his accomplices who have plead guilty, been indicted or are under investigation is shocking. This from the guy who promised to "drain the swamp."

This November, if you do not vote for a course correction back to enlightened governance and BASIC VALUES OF DECENCY, when will you ever?