Attention Republican Party! 

Young people will not accept putting the government in control of women's bodies, repealing gay marriage, demeaning people of color, ignoring climate change, or allowing weapons of mass destruction to massacre their friends at will.

If this is the Supreme Court you choose, you will lose at the polls for generations.

They will also rebel en masse against a healthcare system out of reach, the disintegration of public education, and staggering student loan debt. Especially as billionaires and the most profitable corporations in history receive massive tax breaks first. 

They know that other enlightened democracies have largely solved the puzzle of producing healthy, educated, well-paid and happy citizens.

These are our nieces, Maya and Sophia. They are proud, intelligent women who know their strength, love their gay uncles, cherish their POC friends, and care deeply about the health of the earth they will inherit.

They have already rejected your message of fear, hate, and ignorance.

The future is theirs, not yours.